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Unleashing Creativity: The Rise of the Citizen Developer

Dec 17, 2023

While tech can be a significant expense, exciting shifts in the industry are making it easier for the average business or manager to achieve results. Fast. If you've developed any technology project, you know that building software is complicated. From determining the look, identifying problems, setting timelines, coding the solution, and then dealing with all the bugs that follow. As has happened time and again, the tech industry is evolving. And with that, a new type of developer is coming into view.

Introducing the "Citizen Developer". As the name suggests, these are regular people within your company or organization that are implementing transformative solutions with out of the box technology. And now you can do so much with them. In fact some companies are running their entire operation on systems created by technical non code people.


Building a House, Building Software

Imagine building a house a hundred years ago. You would need to do all aspect of the job, from cutting the trees, preparing them into logs, creating the nails—the list goes on. You'd need to master various crafts or coordinate with a team of specialists to get the job done. Today, most of the required skills are no longer needed. All material gets delivered and all we have to do is put them together. Modular homes and pre-fabricated materials will allow almost anyone with a will and some skill, to build a house, even with limited experience.


Software. Evolved.

Not long ago, the only way to create any software was to write. Every. Single. Line. By. Hand. The process was hard, complicated, and reserved for the few with the right aptitude. Today, for the most part that’s still the case. But as was the case with Wix for informational website and Shopify for eCommerce, it’s now possible to create digital enterprise solutions with a much lower bar of entry. Prefab software and specialization has allowed for a division of labor. Now, a warehouse manager that has some technical skills can systemize a specific task, without all the complexity of regular software development.

Low code/no code platforms are technologies answer to digital solutions the same as prefabricated construction was to housing. They come with ready-to-use components that enable people—regardless of their code experience—to construct something meaningful. Just as you don't need to be an expert in carpentry to build a modern house, you no longer need to understand Databases and compilers to solve business problems. This opens doors to rapid innovation.


The right code for the job

Focusing on solving business problems is the key to success when building software. Modular homes is a solution to specific problems and are implemented for specific use cases. Always read the warning label and follow instruction, building it in a hurricane zone means it won’t last long. Low code/no code is not the answer for complex, high-stakes enterprise projects. But, with time the capabilities and stability will rise and business will benefit.

By understanding the trends in technology business owners can make strategic decisions whether to implement a SaaS solution, create a custom software, or utilize new and creative solutions to solve their business challenges.


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